'The following is the list of CivicAccess Founders'

'Voici la liste des fondateurs du groupe AccesCivique'

  • DarinBarney - Canada Research Chair in Technology and Citizenship, McGill University
  • StéphaneCouture - maîtrise en communication, UQAM-Concordia - LabCMO
  • MichaelGeist - lawyer, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa
  • MichaelGurstein - Professor, Canadian Research Alliance in Community Informatics and Networking
  • TedHildebrandt - Director of Social Planning - Community Development Halton
  • AltonHollett - Director of Statistics for Govn't of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • CoryHorner - GIS developer, founder How'd They Vote
  • TraceyLauriault - Etudiante en doctorat, chercheuse - cartographie et géomatique, Université de Carleton
  • NathalieLeclerc - Program Coordinator - Social Planning Council of Ottawa
  • MichaelLenczner - Ile Sans Fil founder, free information infrastructure advocate
  • HughMcGuire - writer, engineer, founder of Librivox.org and Collectik.net
  • RobinMillette - FACIL - pour l'appropriation collective de l'informatique libre, programmeur
  • JoeMurray - President JMA Consulting, e-Advocacy consulting firm
  • PhillipSmith - Principal of Community Bandwidth, a non-profit technology assistance provider
  • MarcTuters - researcher in new media, research fellow Networked Publics research group

Michael Lenczner gets honourable mention for coming up with the idea and developing an early working group. The early working group members were Tracey Lauriault from Ottawa, Patrick Dinnen from Toronto and Stephane Guidon from Montreal who along with Michael, set up the wiki, the list, developed the vision, added content and invited the rest of the founders from their respective communities. Together all the founders with contributors will build this community practice around access to civic data and information in Canada.

Une mention honorable à Michael Lenczner pour avoir développé l'idée et assemblé les membres du premier groupe de travail. Le premier groupe de travail etait composé de Tracey Lauriault d'Ottawa, Patrick Dinnen de Toronto et Stéphane Guidon de Montréal. Ensemble le groupe de travail avec Michael ont developpé le wiki, la liste, la vision ont contribué au contenu du wiki et ont invité d'autres fondateurs dans leur communauté respective. Ensemble tous les fondateurs et contributeurs vont développer une communauté de pratique sur l'accés aux données et information civiques.

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